About Our Company

McCain Chemical Company, LLC is a privately owned chemical marketing and distribution company headquartered in Lake Charles, Louisiana.

Our focus on value-added products and services, combined with our extensive expertise in many chemical areas, allows us to deliver a level of customer service unparalleled in the industry. We continue to grow our business to provide superior service and benefits to our customers. In today’s highly competitive environment, good strategies and business organization alone are no longer the formula for guaranteed success. McCain Chemical Company supports our customers with high-quality products, competitive prices, and reliable logistics, allowing you to concentrate on business development opportunities and growth. 

In addition to meeting your supply needs on a regular basis, we excel at problem solving when your company needs it most. McCain Chemical Company’s global supply chains keep you up and running when other companies cannot reliably fit your business needs. Whether we are part of your risk management and diversification strategies or your primary supplier, McCain Chemical Company can help you acquire critical raw materials anytime, anywhere.

Please do not hesitate to contact us; any member of our experienced staff can answer any questions you have or provide assistance with any and all of your chemical marketing and distribution needs.

Industries Served

Chemical Manufacturing & Processing

Export LNG

Midstream Oil & Gas

Oil & Gas Exploration and Production

Paints & Coatings

Petroleum Refining

Water Treatment

Product Options

Hydraulic Fracturing Chemicals

Friction Reducers





Clay Control


Scale Inhibitors

PH Buffers

Gel Stabilizers

Gelling Agents

Gelled Hydrocarbon Chemicals

Acidizing Chemicals

Iron Control

Corrosion Inhibitors


Anti-Sludge Additives


Full Product Offerings

In addition to our hydraulic fracturing chemicals and acidizing chemicals, McCain Chemical Company has a full range of product offerings.

For a more comprehensive list of these chemicals, please visit our Product Offerings page.

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805 W. Bayou Pines Drive, Suite D
Lake Charles, LA  70601
337-602-6177 office

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