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The oil field is evolving. Horizontal drilling coupled with hydraulic fracturing has become the key to unlocking both oil and gas reserves. In addition, “slick water” fracturing methods have become the fracturing method of choice. McCain Chemical has carved out a niche in this industry by providing the chemicals associated with slick water fracturing, direct from the manufacturer to location.

By providing chemicals direct to the location, as opposed to allowing the service company to procure the chemicals, McCain Chemical gains for the Oil & Gas company three advantages;

1.  Unit costs reduced.

2.  Highest quality product, untouched by service companies prior to delivery.

3.  Chemical quantities reduced – the absolute removal of any incentive for the service company to pump more chemicals than required for a job.

Product Options

Hydraulic Fracturing Chemicals

Friction Reducers





Clay Control


Scale Inhibitors

PH Buffers

Gel Stabilizers

Gelling Agents

Gelled Hydrocarbon Chemicals

Acidizing Chemicals

Iron Control

Corrosion Inhibitors


Anti-Sludge Additives


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